Bone Colored Glass Bead
Wispy Green Glass Bead
Red and Black Swirly Glass Bead
Opaque Green Glass Bead
Bone Colored Glass Drip Bead
Opaque Blue and White Swirly Glass Bead
Blue and Black Pokey Glass Bead
Red and White Swirly Tri-bead Necklace
Seven Bead Polka Dot Necklace
Opaque Blue and White Swirly Glass Bead
Swirly Rectangular Bead Necklace with Earrings
Black and Lilac Tri-bead Necklace
Various Shapes of Light Blue Beads
Various Shapes of Spotted Beads
Tri-bead Necklace
Pendant Bead Necklace
Black and Mica Bead Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet
Black and Mica Bead Pendant
Amber Bead
Black and Mica Bead
Blue Bead with Black Stripe
Clear Blue Bead with Black Swirl
Clear Drip Bead
Goddess Bead
Green Bead with Black Band Earrings
Pink Stripy Bead
Yellow Polka Dot Bead