Graham Heron
Graham Heron

The Heron panel was designed to spruce up a lower level bathroom. The existing window already contained patterned wired security glass and the space was crying for a focal point. The piece was constructed and installed as a 28" by 38" overlay. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this serene work of art with its calming presence.

Year of the Veteran
Year Of The Veteran

This design was brought to me by a teacher from Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford, Nova Scotia. Early in the 05/06 school year there was a call for students to submit designs honoring the Year of the Veteran. The selected 8x11 drawing was modified and enlarged to 38x44to accommodate leaded glass design and constructed in copper foil, incorporated with overlays and painted embellishments.

In Dec.'05, an unveiling ceremony was attended by WW2 Veterans, political dignitaries, the student designer, and many others. It was an honor to be part of this project.

Morgan Livingroom Window
Morgan Livingroom

Nestled on a beautiful lake, this private residence boasts large windows, sun filled rooms, and incredible views of the lake. The flower design and glass selection was meticulously considered. Installation was a working single hung window so the design was divided in two sections and applied the existing glazing as a seamless overlay. This was the first of four designs for this beautiful home, all with a cohesive theme, varying

focal points and degrees of privacy.